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California Developer & Wife killed in Plane Crash in Central Utah

13 August 2012 Published in Blog
California Bank of Commerce Director Peter Branagh, 59, and wife, Mona, 56, were flying from California to Colorado on Saturday but didn't make it to their destination.

Obstructed Vision may have Caused Salina Plane Crash

13 August 2012 Published in Blog
Peter and Ramona Branagh, of Lafayette California, died in a plane crash near Salina, Utah. The investigation of crash suggests that obstructed vision may have caused the crash. The California couple died when the Cirrus SR22 crashed on July 14th in Saleratus Canyon, 30 miles southeast of Salina.

Police Videos Show Logan Man's Sever Impairment

13 August 2012 Published in Blog
After pinning and nearly killing Maverik employee, Joseph White, Daniel Kropf subsequently received three DUIs in  less then Three days, receiving the first DUI just hours after severely injuring Mr. White.  Law enforcement video of Mr. Kropf's subsequent arrests illustrating his obvious impairment can be seen here.

Attorney David Olsen Featured on Channel 2 News for Case Involving Teen Paralized due to Prescription Error at Walmart Pharmacy

24 July 2012 Published in Blog
David Olsen's client Jessie Scott was recently spotlighted by the Deseret News, KSL, and Channel 2. The stories give an update on Scott's recovery after being paralyzed three years ago when a Walmart pharmacy mistakenly filled an oxycodone hydrochloride pain medication 20 times the dose prescribed by his doctor.