Helicopter Crash in Peru Kills 7

11 January 2013 Published in News
Alan Mortensen and Dustin Lance of Dewsnup, King & Olsen in Salt Lake City, Utah, will represent victims of helicopter crash that happened on Monday when the U.S. cargo helicopter crashed in the Peruvian jungle shortly after take off. The tandem-rotor Chinook BH-234 chopper, owned by Columbia Helicopters Inc., crashed near the capital of Pucallpa, killing two Peruvian and five American crew members. The Americans included a local man, Leon Bradford, from Santaquin, Utah and Dann Immel of Gig Harbor, Washington; Edwin Cordova of Melbourne, Florida; Jaime Pickett of Clarksville, Tennessee; and Darrel Birkes, an Oregonian living in Peru. For more information please visit the following: Utahn Among Those Killing In Peru Helicopter Crash Monday Utahn Killed in Peru Helicopter Crash Was Living His Dream 7 Killed In Peru Helicopter Crash Including Americans Gig Harbor Pilot Killed In Peru Helicopter Crash  

Edward B. Havas Gives Presentation on Mediation at Snow, Christensen & Martineau's 2012 Tort & Insurance Seminar

29 November 2012 Published in News
On Friday, October 26, 2012, Snow, Christensen & Martineau held their 2012 Tort and Insurance Seminar at the Utah Law and Justice Center where Edward B. Havas had the opportunity of presenting on the topic of mediation. Edward Havas was honored to be asked to speak at this event. Snow, Christensen & Marineau has been educating the legal community on Utah Tort and Insurance Law for nearly twenty years. Their annual seminars address a range of issues aimed at aiding with the resolution of Utah tort and insurance claims. The organization and registration for the 2013 Utah Tort & Insurance Law Seminar is already underway. Addtional information can be found here. 

Clyde Cancer Cluster Families Very Concerned by EPA's Recent Findings

14 November 2012 Published in News
Whirlpool Children?۪s Park used as a PCB filled Dumping Ground Several members of the families of children who have died or been stricken with cancer in what has become known as the ???Clyde Children?۪s Cancer Cluster?۝ are devastated to learn the results of a United States Environmental Protection Agency report that was recently released.  The report discloses that Whirlpool Park, built for children in the Clyde area to play, is also a dumping ground full of PCBs and Toxic Metals filled sludge.  The sludge is described in the EPA Report to be over nine feet in depth in places.  The families are equally outraged to learn that the fact that the Whirlpool Park was used as a dumping site was not disclosed by Whirlpool itself, but rather was discovered once the US EPA set up a confidential hotline where people could call and inform the EPA of toxic dumping sites…