DKOW Sponsors first Miracles from Elsie

26 July 2017 Published in News
DKOW is a proud sponsor of the first Miracles From Elsie "An Evening With Cougar Legends."  Miracles From Elsie is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation dedicated to providing financial assistance to families that care for a child with a life-threatening medical issue, grief counseling and organ donation awareness.  The Foundation was established in memory of Elsie Mahe, the 3-year-old daughter of Sunny and Reno Mahe, who passed away after a tragic blind cord accident in 2016. Her organs were donated to save the lives of others.  As Brigham Young University students, Sunny was an All-American on the volleyball team and Reno played football. He spent five seasons in the NFL playing for the Philadelphia Eagles and now is an assistant coach for BYU.

Alan Mortensen Speaks at 51st Annual SMU Air Law Symposium

12 April 2017 Published in News
Partner Alan Mortensen was honored to speak at the 51st Annual SMU Air Law Symposium on Thursday, March 30, 2017. Alan's presentation was entitled "Should I Buy New or Use? - What is a 'new' part, a 'rebuilt' part and a 'used part' under the General Aviation Revitalization Act and does it matter". The Journal of Air Law and Commerce sponsors the oldest and largest annual aviation law symposium in the world. The conference was held in Dallas, Texas.

Dewsnup, King, Olsen, Worel, Havas, Mortensen brings suit against Polaris for UTV fire which injured two Utah passengers, caused blaze over more than 100 acres

30 September 2016 Published in News
DKOW is representing Utah family members who were seriously burned while riding a Polaris RZR Model Utility Task Vehicle, suffering injuries that required skin grafts. The American Fork Canyon fire became so intense that the U.S. Forest Service made water and fire retardant drops on a blaze that spread to more than 100 acres. The fire was not an isolated occurrence, as there have more than 200 recent incidents of fire and burn hazards involving Polaris vehicles, including three deaths, and at least eight recalls by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in three and a half years, including four in 2016 alone. In July this year, members of a Utah family were enjoying a Pioneer Day weekend recreational outing in American Fork Canyon while riding a Polaris RZR Model Utility Task Vehicle, unaware that the back seat was about to burst into flames. Two passengers – the mother and…

Paul M. Simmons was recognized for his work as a mentor

02 March 2016 Published in News
Paul M. Simmons was recognized for his work as a mentor to new lawyers with a Utah State Bar Outstanding Mentor award on February 24, 2016.